Compagnia Milo e Olivia
Created and performed by Olivia FERRARIS and Milo SCOTTON
Light and sound technician Emanuele VALLINOTTI

She travels the world in a box,
He is ready for everything in order to stay out of trouble…
A breathtaking courtship for an eccentric love story.
Among boxes, ladders and suitcases, in the foreseeable rhythm of everyday life, KlinKe’s odd game appears: a diablo to drink a toast, a fall made of socks, an exchange of juggling clubs “all’arrabbiata” and a fabric intertwined with poetic acrobatics.
What will happen in the thin border between poetry and euphoria, if you’re at the mercy of uncertain balances? Milo and Olivia would love to throw you off balance and leave you open-mouthed.

Biglietti: gratuito previo pagamento ingresso al Parco € 2,00
info: casateatroragazzi.it // tel. +011 19740280


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